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Despite a diagnosis of life-threatening brain cancer, and despite aggressive, toxic treatments, my daughter earned the reputation as her oncologist's Healthiest Patient.

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"It's Cancer."

When you hear this from your doctor, time stands still.

I know because I was there in 2006 when my then 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, an aggressive pediatric brain cancer.

Sound familiar?

If so, let me tell you...

There is hope. You have the ability to move beyond this.

I can help you.

  • Have you recently received a cancer diagnosis and feel overwhelmed by the treatment options?
  • Are you worried about how chemotherapy and other conventional treatments will affect your energy?
  • Your immune system? Your overall health? Your relationships?
  • Do you feel there must be a better way to approach a cancer diagnosis but just don't have the time, energy, and expertise to seek out safe, holistic options?
  • Have you completed your oncology treatment and received a clean bill of health (Congratulations!) but suffer lingering symptoms from the treatments and worry about how to remain cancer-free?

While the initial diagnosis may be overwhelming, holistic options that can support health and improve the outcomes of conventional treatment abound.

The good news is there are numerous safe, holistic options that can:

  • Target the cancer while leaving healthy cells untouched
  • Help your immune system fight cancer naturally
  • Protect your body from the ravages of the treatment, and even
  • Optimize chemotherapy and radiation, helping those treatments better target cancer cells.

It may sound inconceivable, but far from being a death sentence, cancer is an invitation!

An invitation to choose new ways to

  • Experience health
  • Experience relationships
  • Experience life!

With my program you'll discover natural strategies that can support body, mind, and spirit, optimize your treatment protocol, and give you tools that can help you Thrive Beyond Cancer.

And my daughter? She's been cancer-free for over 12 years!

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