About Susan


Certified Holistic Coach, Radiant Health Institute
Reiki Master, Certified through Lisa Powers, CRMT
Master of Education, Cleveland State University
Certified in International Advanced Montessori Studies, Bergamo, Italy
Bachelor of Arts, Hiram College

Special Interests:

Orthomolecular Medicine
The Sedona Method®
Meridian Tapping
Guided Imagery
Traditional Chinese Medicine

When my fourteen year old daughter was diagnosed in 2006 with medulloblastoma, an aggressive pediatric brain cancer, we had little choice but to accept conventional oncology treatment: she endured head and spine radiation and four rounds of high-dose chemotherapy and stem-cell transplantation following surgery which removed 100% of the tumor.

As a life-long rebel with a history of bucking convention and a passion for natural health and nutrition, I insisted if my daughter must undergo toxic treatment she would be supported by a carefully researched and designed integrative plan which included nutrient dense foods, supplements, herbals, acupuncture, and guided imagery. Faith and Relentless Optimism rounded out our homegrown integrative protocol.

Throughout her treatment her oncology team remarked she was their healthiest patient: "We don't know what you're doing, but keep on doing it!"

My daughter not only survived the toxic treatments but thrived; she has been cancer-free for over twelve years.

While I dove alone through the deep waters of integrative and holistic modalities to find the pearls of wisdom among the piles of shells, you don't have to!

As your Anticancer Lifestyles Coach, I help you navigate the plethora of holistic options available to you so that you are empowered to make the best informed decisions for your health. I offer you support and encouragement as you discover strategies known to fight cancer naturally and help mitigate the negative consequences of conventional treatments.

I'm here to help you help your body Thrive Beyond Cancer.


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Client Testimonials


"Susan was amazing. She helped me realize some things about myself that are changing my worldview...I felt comfortable with her was able to be completely honest and open."


 "Last year I lost my husband to cancer; living with the pain of that loss overwhelmed me at times and kept me in a holding pattern of hurt and guilt...with gentle but firm nudges and great emotional insight, Susan helped me move forward to more positive goals...with knowledge comes power and with Susan's most inspired positives came more awareness."