Remembering Teresa Tapp


Teresa Tapp, creator of the T-Tapp Workouts, succumbed to "metastatic disease" yesterday at the age of 61.

Teresa has been my Fitness Guru since 2002, when I met her in person for the first time in Cleveland at a free T-Tapp workshop she hosted; thanks to my library of T-Tapp workout videos, she'll continue to encourage me with her cheers of "Yes, you can!", and reminders to keep my ribs up, knees out, and tummy tight while performing my T-Tapp moves.

After years of abusing my body with hours-long conventional workouts, I was ready for Teresa's "less is more," no-equipment-needed wisdom, coupled with her method of using her trademarked postures and one's own body weight to achieve maximum muscle activation in record time.

By the time my daughter Laura was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer at the age of 14, I'd already been "T-Tapping" for four years and had a ready cache of memorized moves that I relied on to help me regain mental clarity and focus, balance my blood sugar, and help me release the anxiety caused by the most stressful event of my life. And because of Teresa's ingenious method, I was able to do it in the tiny footprint of a Duke University Medical Center patient room.

In the early years after Laura's treatment, I had the honor of winning two different T-Tapp Challenges, and being a guest of Teresa's at two of her Beauty Boot Camp retreats in Safety Harbor, Florida. Those retreats gave me the golden opportunity to learn from the Master herself; to say I was star-struck would be an understatement!

Teresa's death comes as a shock to the majority of her followers.

For me, what is so difficult to grapple with is the untimely death of a fitness icon who embodied dedication to a holistic lifestyle; when someone as fit and dedicated to holistic wellness as Teresa Tapp succumbs to cancer, what hope is there for the rest of us? It's easy to feel hopeless and helpless in the wake of a cancer death of someone known for fit, healthy living.

Does that leave me questioning the value and efficacy of safe, holistic, natural strategies known to help prevent or heal cancer? Does it leave me questioning the health benefits of mindful movement?

Not at all; Teresa's death leaves me more determined than ever to learn and share as many anticancer strategies, and to help as many people to cancerproof their lives as my time left on Earth will allow.

Teresa would be the first to tell me, "Yes, you can!"

Sadly, thanks to systems crashes and poor backup, I've lost photos of me with Teresa, but here is a group shot of attendees at the 2012 "Beauty Boot Camp." I'm kneeling in the front row, toward the right, and Teresa's head is in the foreground as she gives us directions.