Work With Me

My six month program is designed to help those diagnosed with cancer learn and implement holistic strategies shown to help heal the body naturally and optimize conventional treatment protocols.

This program includes:

  • 26 weekly, one-to-one, 60 minute sessions with me via phone or video chat, or in person if you are in the greater Raleigh, NC area

  • Unlimited email access

  • Two 10 minute follow-up phone chats a week

  • Hours of researching your diagnosis and oncological protocol in order to present you with the latest holistic research pertaining to your specific condition and needs

  • Customized integrative plan

  • Strategies to incorporate health promoting practices that will last a lifetime

  • A compassionate ear and gentle nudging to help you keep on track with your wellness goals

Over the course of your six month program you can learn:

  • Natural and safe ways to reduce the negative side effects of conventional treatment

  • How to make your body a Resilient Anticancer Machine

  • Which foods can help or hinder the cancer patient

  • Which supplements are best for your particiular diagnosis and treatment protocol

  • Which supplements are a waste of time and resources

  • How to calm a stressed and anxious mind and achieve an Attitude Overhaul

  • Safe and affordable ways to eliminate toxins from your body and home

  • Natural ways to get restorative sleep

  • How to take control of your own health and healing
    Contact Susan at: to find out more and schedule your sessions today!

Client Testimonials

"Because of Susan I am now on a path to wellness. I've begun a new eating and workout routine. It is the most realistic I've ever seen. Susan is an amazing coach with a calm and gentle presence. I am recharged and excited about things in a new way...I highly recommend her."


 "Susan was amazing at holding the space for me to express myself safely and completely. Her illuminating and spot on questions helped me crack through some of my blocks. She guided and inquired without judgment and has a very calm and calming presence that I appreciate."